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The Brooklyn Dodgers was an American football team that played in the National Football League from 1930 to 1943, and in 1944 as the Brooklyn Tigers. The team played its home games at Ebbets Field. In 1945, due to financial difficulties, the team was merged with the Boston Yanks. The franchise is not related to the Brooklyn Dodgers franchise that played in the All-America Football Conference from 1946 to 1948. Another NFL team that played in Brooklyn was the Brooklyn Lions in 1926.

Brooklyn Tigers logoThe team began play in 1930 after Brooklyn businessmen William B. Dwyer and John C. Depler bought the Dayton Triangles, moved it, and renamed it the Brooklyn Dodgers. Four years later, the team was eventually sold to New Yorker Dan Topping. On October 22, 1939, at Ebbets Field , the Dodgers played the Philadelphia Eagles in the first NFL game shown on television. The Dodgers won the game 23-14.

Beginning in 1942, the team went into a steep decline, as World War II caused a shortage of players. In 1944, the team was renamed the Tigers but suffered a 0-10 regular season record. In a desperate attempt for survival, the team merged with the Boston Yanks for the 1945 season. The merged team played four home games in Boston and one in New York. But fans from neither cities cared as they finished with a 3-6-1 record. The merger happened after the 1945 NFL draft.

Brooklyn Tigers logoIn December 1945, Topping announced his intentions to accept the All-America Football Conference's New York franchise. In response, the NFL cancelled his NFL team and all of its players were assigned to the Yanks.

First Round Draft Selections

1936 Dick Crayne Back Iowa
1937 Ed Goddard Back Washington State
1938 Boyd Brumbaugh Back Duquesne
1939 Bob MacLeod Back Darmouth
1940 Banks McFadden Back Clemson
1941 Dean McAdams Back Washington
1942 Bob Robertson Back Southern California
1943 Paul Governali Back Columbia
1944 Creighton Miller Back Notre Dame
1945 Joe Renfroe Back Tulane

Pro Football Hall of Famers

Morris "Red" Badgro
Benny Friedman
Frank Kinard
Clarence "Ace" Parker


Year W L T Finish Coach
Brooklyn Dodgers
1930 7 4 1 4th Jack Depler
1931 2 12 0 9th Jack Depler
1932 3 9 0 6th Benny Friedman
1933 5 4 1 2nd East Cap McEwen
1934 4 7 0 3rd East Cap McEwen
1935 5 6 1 2nd East Paul Schissler
1936 3 8 1 4th East Paul Schissler
1937 3 7 1 4th East Potsy Clark
1938 4 4 3 3rd East Potsy Clark
1939 4 6 1 3rd East Potsy Clark
1940 8 3 3 2nd East Jock Sutherland
1941 7 4 3 2nd East Jock Sutherland
1942 3 8 3 4th East Mike Getto
1943 2 8 3 4th East Pete Cawthorn
Brooklyn Tigers
1944 0 10 0 5th East Pete Cawthorn, Ed Kuhale, Frank Bridges

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